Critic slams Mar Roxas for insulting Muslims
Presidential aspirant Mar Roxas - under Liberal Party
A STAUNCH pundit of the Aquino organization on Tuesday pummeled presidential applicant Manuel Roxas II for "gravely offending the Muslims of Mindanao" amid Sunday's presidential open deliberation, calling him a "fraud/phony student of Mindanao's history." 

Rep. Carlos Zarate said, “Calling the Muslims of Mindanao with the highly derogatory term mananakop did not only show the chauvinist attitude of Mar Roxas,  it also betrayed his revisionist view of the struggle of the Bangsamoro for self-determination.”

“Mar is a phony student of Mindanao’s history and the valiant struggle of the Bangsamoro people,” he added.

Zarate also said the Zamboanga siege was “no precision military operation” as claimed by Roxas.

“Human rights groups have raised the alarm over the human rights violations committed against the residents of Zamboanga City during the Zamboanga siege that Mar Roxas flaunted as a success,” Zarate said.

Taking into account the reports of human rights guard dogs, Zarate said, numerous regular citizens who were confused for MNLF warriors were additionally executed amid the clearing operations. 

He said there were likewise instances of prisoner taking, the utilization of regular citizens as human shields, rundown killings, aeronautical bombardments, illicit captures and detainment, badgering and intimidation and sustenance bars. 

Two hundred seventy-four individuals were captured and conveyed to Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City, yet the vast majority of them were pure regular folks, Zarate said.

“Truth to tell, the Zamboanga Siege and the Mamasapano fiasco were the results of how  conflict resolution is being undertaken under the so-called Daang Matuwid.” 

Zarate tagged Mar Roxas as “a total failure as a Cabinet secretary.”

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