Must read! Alleged Black Propaganda of LP against Duterte revealed
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The camp of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has accused the Liberal Party (LP) of "bring forth (out) a black propaganda and mental warfare operations" to wreck his presidential bid. 

"The plot is to supposedly picture Duterte as a genius American competitor taking cover behind the stage of federalism to permit easy access for US organizations to the rich mineral assets of Mindanao, especially metallic minerals," Duterte's camp said in an announcement on Saturday. 

Duterte's camp said the information originated from a staff individual from the LP, who was not recognized by their source. 

Referring to the insider, the camp said "the secret mission was arranged some place in Western Mindanao where the Liberal Party has diehard individuals." 

Referring to the same source, Duterte's camp said the Liberal Party would utilize its partners in the nearby government authorities "to pulverize Duterte in Mindanao where the dissident city leader is exceptionally well known." 

"They need to picture Duterte's populist picture as an insignificant façade to push for a federal arrangement of government. When it is set up, they will say it will allow simple access for the US to build up US bases in Mindanao," Duterte's camp said. 

Peter Laviña, Duterte's representative, portrayed the decimation work "as malevolent and a urgent move to revive (the) "withering" campaign of Roxas." 

"No measure of cash and mischievous plot can resuscitate Roxas' candidacy," Laviña said. 

"This just asserts our conviction that they consider Duterte to be the most grounded competitor with a reasonable shot at winning the presidency," he included. 

He also added that that the plot could likewise advantage Sen. Grace Poe.

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Source: Inquirer and Manila Times

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