Facebook hacking - @[4:0]

The code @[4:0] is now very popular on Facebook and can be seen anywhere in post comments. But what is really behind this trick? Or should we call it bug?

This is the exact instruction "Go onto a photo on Facebook and type in the comments @[4:0]. If it changes to Mark Zuckerberg it means your fb hasnt been hacked. Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of FB…"

Well, that’s totally hoax! Yes! It’s got nothing to do with “hacking” or any other type of unathorized gaining of Facebook access.

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Here, we will explain you why the name of Facebook founder is appearing every time you type @[4:0] on the comments.

The code @[4:0] is actually a little piece of simple code, that tells Facebook to generate the name of the Facebook profile that corresponds with the ID number 4. So Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has an account associated with the number 4 (apparently accounts 1, 2 and 3 have been deleted.) This means that he is the 4th person who created an account with Facebook. Most new accounts created today will have ID numbers in the millions since Facebook is evidently very popular right now.

Every Facebook profile and page has a distinctive ID, so similarly, typing in @[16756457:0] would produce the name of the Facebook profile associated with the number 16756457.

Now, let's check your ID number and we will try if it will gonna work. Get your unique ID here and leave a comment following the correct format on the comment section below.

Oops sorry almost forgot, this will work for mobile users only.

Source: nonsense.com

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