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The issue about Manny Pacquiao's stance regarding same-sex marriage has become the hottest topic recently. 

Many people had been talking up their brains with respect to the contention. A war online has been seething as a result of the distinctive assessments that individuals have. 

Presently, the rockstar Yeng Constantino reacts towards the issue thru posting a video on Facebook. Constantino was emotional after she conceded that she is a Christian yet she has a sibling who is also a gay person. 

Constantino expressed his love and how he cherish her sibling. She said that know matter what, he will love her brother and no one can change it.

Furthermore, she said that she has a lot of gay friends and they are very talented - talent that God gave them. 

Constantino said that she won't hold fast against homosexuality for she has faith in the service of compromise.

Watch the video here:

Video: About LGBT issue. Dahil sa isang tweet napasagot tuloy ako. Pero salamat na din. ❤️ peace to everyone.
Posted by Yeng Constantino on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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