Andrea Brillantes

After the alleged scandal of Andrea Brillantes, here comes another video that is making rounds online. But this time, it is a short clip of her version of "Lowkey Flex" created via app.

Her video gained different reactions from netizens and it has been viewed more than million times and counting. Truly, many were fascinated of her angelic and pretty face which made the video popular.

Here are some of the positive reactions of netizens after watching the clip:

From Hannz Ayalin Verdeprado: "nice andrea.. u look gorgeous!.. Show them how brave u are inspite of those trials.. God don't give such trials if u can't surpass it.. He has a purpose just trust in him no matter what..  godbless u andrea.."

Chelsie Lao Paula Zuluaga says "she's so pretty! She's filipino and im pretty sure she's younger than us.. Or same age."

Marianne Garque Mendoza even claimed that she Looks like Ariana Grande.

Shann Carlo Rockwell Dimacutac: "She's so pretty! May gad! Parang kailan lang na napaka angel nya tingnan and now? PUBERTY STRIKES HER WELL"

Cheryl Mimura: "She's soooo pretty! Dont mind the bashers baby...everyone commits mistake.."

And of course, some reacted negatively.

Christ Lising: "Her finger's looking strong hmmmm and it smell's good."

Amor Feliciano: "Bat ganyun.parang kahit anung gawin nya ang napipicture ko sa utak ko nag shishingger sya.more shinger more fun si bakla."

Trisha Mitzell J. Sagun: "Hahays. E cya yung nag mam@sturb@te dba? Bakit pa kasi vinideohan nya? Ayan tulog kalat na. Nakaka turnoff na cya :"*

Migs Correos: "andrea iba sumasagi sa isip namen, pasensya ka na sadyang meron lang mga alaalang bumabagabag parin sa aming musmos na kaisipan sa kada nakikita ka namen."

Watch the video here:

Andrea Brillantes' Musically ♥♥
Andrea Brillantes' Musically ♥♥Super pretty mo talaga Lia ♥♥
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