Watch: Boy Suddenly Disappears after He Jumps Off River

Many young people these days are doing superfluous things because of companion banters, everything happens when a gathering of individuals or your companions urge you to do things that could fulfill or make them glad. 

Recently, February 18 at around 5:00 in the afternoon, a Facebook user named "Bartolome Hadikain" posted a video about the kid that appears to vanish in the wake of hopping off the stream at the Jones Bridge in Binondo Manila. A gathering of adolescents was first found in the scaffold, some of them hopped off while the other were faltered to attempt as a result of the stature of the extension down to the waterway. 
In 3 and a half minute short video cut, the kid with the blue shorts was seen going down where he appears to discover a spot close to the stream so he can without much of a stretch bounce. We can unmistakably see that the kid was somehow reluctant to attempt but since he is being teased by his playmates, he jumped off. Seconds after the fact, the kid was not a single where in sight amidst the stream, lamentably his companions couldn't spare him. 

Netizens were likewise baffled at the fellow whose recording the video around then, since he wasn't attempted to require an assistance from the people or authorities close them the moment he understood that the kid was at that point drowning. The viral video is as of now making its round on Facebook and other online networking sites.

Watch the video below.

happened yesterday at around 1700H at jones bridge..hanggang ngayon di pa din nakikita ang katawan nang bata na naka blue ang short after tumalon sa ilog..
Posted by Bartome Hadikain on Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Source: Viral Drift

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