Nike Fires Manny Paquiao After Homophobic Smack Talk
Manny Pacquiao wearing Nike shorts and shoes. Photo by
Nike has made it official - Manny Pacquiao has been FIRED over his against gay remarks. 

Nike issued an announcement saying that Manny Pacquiao's remarks is loathsome. 

According to Nike, they firmly restricts segregation of any sort and has a long history of supporting and going to bat for the privileges of the LGBT group.

The giant company declared that they don't have an association with Manny Pacquiao anymore.

Nike and Pacquiao have had a relationship since no less than 2006 - yet Nike had a noteworthy issue with Manny saying gay individuals are "more awful than animals."

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Different sources associated with the circumstance inform that Manny actually attempted to spare the arrangement up until the latest possible time. 

According to reports, few colleagues of Manny have been corresponding with Nike throughout the morning - asking the organization to rethink and give Manny another possibility. 

But Manny's supplications failed to be noticed ... and, Nike dropped the sledge.

Source: TMZ

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