Jessa suffers from Leptospirosis
Source: Facebook @ Clarisse Crisologo
One week has passed, but the Starbucks dead mouse issue is still a hot topic over social media. Many versions and stances about the controversy have been looked into but still it is unclear yet as to what really happened and who indeed is saying the truth.

We have read the opinion of a former barista who defended the coffee shop and insisted that the allegation of Jessa is false and  she was just telling untrue story.

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Now, another update about the issue is circulating on the internet. But this time, it is on the side of Jessa, the complainant. According to the Facebook post of Clarisse Crisologo who was Jessa's organization mate, she cited that the latter is in the hospital and was diagnosed to having full-blown leptospirosis. 

The Starbucks staff were even visiting her sending her gifts because of the incident, she added.

Here's her full Facebook post and be the judge.

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Friend of Jessa Confirms that Latter Suffers from Leptospirosis! Friend of Jessa Confirms that Latter Suffers from Leptospirosis! Reviewed by Kristian S. on 02 February Rating: 5

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