Director Cathy Molina in a tell-all interview with Boy Abunda.
Director Cathy Molina in a tell-all interview with Boy Abunda. Screengrab from YouTube @ABS-CBN Entertainment
In every story, there are always two sides. And now, we’ll let you know just that!

Last quarter of last year, 2015, a shocking news surfaced the internet as forevermore talent, Alvin D. Campomanes, released an open letter anent the purportedly humiliation he undergone from the blockbuster movie “One More Chance” director, Cathy Garcia-Molina.

Albeit much has been said on this news that went viral months ago, the veteran Director finally decided to lay her cards and vindicate the issue as she said she felt the need to speak up after receiving death threats and tirades left and right.

In this exclusive tell-all interview of Boy Abunda with the Director, the latter breaks down in tears while she makes her side known. She owned up to her mistake as she admits cursing but said it is something she does not to hurt but to help actors bring out the best in them. She further explained that it was never her intention to degrade her talents whenever she throw bad words because she only does that out of good intention that is to make them efficiently portray the character that film demands. Direk Cathy justifies that she doesn’t treat artist according to whether or not he is educated as her only premise in accepting an actor is to deliver what is expected of him.

Moreover, Molina corroborates the issue by directly saying “Nagmumura ako, yes, but I don’t think it’s a gauge of a good person or bad.” She said she thought the artists she is handling are very much aware and professional enough to accept the language her industry treats as typical that is why she didn’t change a thing. Even so, she clarified that she is not defending that cursing is right. She even said that she had her share of being badmouthed back when she was just beginning in the industry.

When asked if she deserves a suspension, while weeping, she retorted “Kung ang basehan nyan ang pagkaka-suspend ay ang pagmamaltrato, then I don't deserve a suspension kasi wala akong minaltrato, nagmura lang ako.” She added, "If I deserve a criticism, then let it just be me. Spare my family."

In the end, she claimed had she known the talent was hurt, she would have said sorry. As such, she also wants to apologize to those she has offended in the past with hopes to end this seemingly traumatic chapter of her life.

Nevertheless, he still thanked Alvin for this experience as it became an eye-opener to everyone that not everybody can take what the industry sees as a normal custom.

Watch this video to know the full details: 

Undeniably, fate has its own way of making people learn life’s lessons. And more often than not, that is learning the hard way.

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Watch: Direk Cathy Molina Reveals Her Truth Behind the Cursing Issue in a Tell-all Interview Watch: Direk Cathy Molina Reveals Her Truth Behind the Cursing Issue in a Tell-all Interview Reviewed by Kristian S. on 18 January Rating: 5

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