In a world where putting convenience right through our fingertips is a trend, one can’t help but simply give in to what technology has to offer when it’s just around the corner.

When it comes to that, it’s hard to think of putting technology and convenience together without Netflix, a company that has revolutionized the way we watch movies, ever crossing our minds. Today, 7th of January 2016, the latter has embarked into business expansion and has reached out to millions of binge-watchers around the world by tremendously launching to 130 countries, luckily, including the Philippines.

With their plan offers that start from P370.00 monthly charge for Basic, followed by P460.00 on Standard and P550.00 on premium where HD are both available, their expansion in most Asian countries is sure to overtake cable companies that are providing conventional services as their edge among them is just superb!

To cite some, their subscribers can watch on multiple screens simultaneously by getting either their Standard or Premium plans. Apart from it, they also generously spoil you with a free one-month trial as a newcomer. And oh, did we tell you that you can use it non-stop even away from home by using it on mobile? Yes, you read it right. No hassle! Just pure uninterrupted quality movie luxury. Not only that, because if you’re a bit worried about getting a mind-boggling contract that could feel like forever, not to mention the stress it burdens for causing bill-shock, worry no more as you can take Netflix out of that thought because with them, you be the boss! You can end your subscription as soon as you decide not to continue. You think they're too good to be true? Good thing they really are just that perfect! Don’t settle for less. Kiss your old cable subscription goodbye and switch now! To know more about Netflix, visit

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Netflix Expands to Over 130 Countries, Including the Philippines Netflix Expands to Over 130 Countries, Including the Philippines Reviewed by Kristian S. on 07 January Rating: 5

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