Dyosa Pockoh as Wonderwoman. Screengrab taken from his FB 
No doubt that Francisco Valle Suayan or mostly known as "Dyosa Pockoh" from Lemery, Batangas is considered one of the most famous stars on internet. Currently, he has more than 300, 000 followers on Facebook.

Because of his charisma and scintillating jokes, he was able to capture the taste of netizens across the Philippines. It all begun when he posted a video on Facebook on June of 2014. He did not expect that people would love it. The video went viral and many internet savvies shared it in social media. Since then, he started to videoing himself every now and then.

He loves copying Anne Curtis. Yes! You read it right. In fact, the name "Dyosa Pockoh" was derived from the TV show "Dyosa" starring Anne Curtis and he just added "Pockoh", his nick name. 

Truly, when it rains it pours. Because of his popularity in social media, he was given an opportunity to be part of the ABS-CBN sitcom "Home Sweetie Home" and he was one of the casts of scary-funny movie "Wang Fam".

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