Leila De Lima is the former Justice Secretary of the Philippines after she resigned and joined Liberal Party as one of the senatorial bets of the administration.

In the new TV advertisement released on January 10, she was featured as a flatfoot who is responsible for the maintenance of public order and detection of crime

"Justice without fear or favor" is the tagline of the said TV commercial. 

The video, situated on a house party, shows people who indulge taking in drugs and drinking alcohol. Its focal point of course, to emphasize the candidate's edge among her rivals, was the Justice System of what seemed to be a sad reality of in the Philippines due to rampant bribery left and right.

As soon as the lead acts finished throwing their respective lines about escaping their crime by bribing whoever that accomplice is, there goes De lima making her way towards the criminals with her face initially hidden under the umbrella  and later on revealed as she jailed the three, leaving them a cry-baby in the rain.

Watch the video ad below and tell us what you think.

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Leila De Lima Strikes Again in Her New Movielike TV Commercial Leila De Lima Strikes Again in Her New Movielike TV Commercial Reviewed by ULANN on 12 January Rating: 5

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