Marco's opinion about the Starbucks Issue
The opinion of a former Starbucks employee. Screengrab from FB @marcoenvyme
TV Patrol made a report about the Starbucks fiasco that happened on January 26. A woman named Jessa contends to have found a dead mouse in her favorite Starbucks coffee. 

According to the report, Jessa and her friends ordered the coffee at Starbucks Addition Hills in Mandaluyong City at around 9 PM. She did not finish her coffee at the store and decided to bring it home until she noticed that there was something unusual inside her drink.

The issue had gone viral and gained different insights from netizens and TV viewers. Many believe that it is just a stunt and the woman is just gaining sympathy.

A former Starbucks partner posted in Facebook to show his stance on the story. His post became trending and was shared thousands of times, gained more than 100 thousand reactions from Facebook users. 

Marco Carlo Calibara studied Nursing at Centro Escolar University in Malolos. According to his post, he worked with Starbucks for more than three years. At the latter part of his post, he put hashtags #‎proudtobepartner‬ ‪#‎starbucksph‬ ‪#‎tobeapartner‬ to show his support to the company.

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Here's the post of Marco:
Starbucks Issue FB post

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