Angel and Luis break up
Luis and Angel ended their relationship after 2 romantic years.
Another celebrity called it quits after Jhon Lloyd-Angelica and Zanjoe-Bea. Yes! According to trustworthy source, Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin split up. 

Ricky Lo confirmed on his FunFare column at PhilStar Today that the two have been off for three weeks already since they came back from a vacation in the United States.

No definite reason for their breaak-up; no third party was involved said Lo.

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On the PGT episode last Sunday, Angel was evidently emotional after watching the impeccable dance performance a duo performers. Uhmm, something's suspicious right? Well, reason might be because of this - she might have been thinking or ruing over something. Luis then immediately approached Angel, wiped her tears and said "I love you."

Source: Philstar

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