Being practical in terms of finding a partner is not an issue as long as you know the limitations. It is hard to live nowadays if you are alone financing your needs and wants. However, there is a fine line between finding a steadfast financial partner and being a gold digger.

Watch a video uploaded on YouTube by RiskyRobTV wherein he asked a woman to have a date with him. At first, the woman declined his generous offer. When the man is about to go away, his bag dropped down open and several hundred bucks fled from it.

The woman saw the scattered cash and immediately helped him and concurred to go on a date.

He offered the woman a date however, she declined and told him to go away.

The woman helped the man after she saw the dollars scattered on the floor.

They went on a date and couple of minutes after, the man told that it was just a prank.
Watch the video here and find out how the man teaches the gold digger woman a big lesson.

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