It’s not every day that we get to witness a tremendous awkward moment as much as how Miss Universe 2015 ended. It must be real tough among the people on stage to take even a single step as soon as this year’s Miss Universe host, Steve Harvey, left everyone jaw-dropped after announcing his faux pas that put himself on fire for naming the wrong winner. 

The excitement everybody felt suddenly turned into confusion. Career suicide as it may seem but, who’s person in his right mind would want to embarrass himself in the front of thousands of live audience and millions of viewers around the world anyway? Unless he planned to ruin the most beautiful in the universe and wants an instant claim to fame, none would be I guess.

Host Steve Harvey made one of the biggest mistakes in Pageant history by announcing the wrong name of the winner of...
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Undeniably, it takes a true grit to admit his mistake and take responsibility of it when such fiasco happens. But it takes an open mind to accept the heartbreaking truth that the thing you’ve ever dreamt of your whole life would be taken away from you in just a blink of an eye. Just like what Miss Colombia has gone through.
Night of December 21st at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Nevada, whilst the host utters his apology for calling the wrong winner, Miss Philippines’, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, perplexed facial expression hit the TV screens with Miss USA, Olivia Jordan, beside her who whispered at her to confirm her triumph. Everybody is stunned and the camera caught how the real Miss Universe, Miss Philippines, herself genuinely reacted towards the scene. It’s obvious that she doesn’t know what to do as she reluctantly walked her way through the man of the hour with the mistaken beauty queen to receive her hard-earned title in tears. Then came the former Miss Universe, Miss Colombia, who comforted her compatriot. Miss Philippines was supposed to take her first reigning walk but has not done such due to the overwhelming scenario and crowd response as they boo after the error admission.
The former Miss Universe congratulated Miss Philippines as she removed the crown from Miss Colombia. When the crowning is done, the unacceptable situation stoke the stage as the real winner’s first reigning moment was stolen from her by Miss Colombia since the ladies gave the former a cold shoulder and proceeded in comforting the latter instead to give her their sympathy.
We used to think that the so-close-yet-so-far experience kills not until this already-yours-but-quickly-taken-away gaucherie occurred. It only goes to show that losing the title is more acceptable than getting hold of it for just a minute only to find out it’s not really yours.  How peculiar!  If only Steve Harvey dared to ask when he got confused, if he really was, then this could have been averted. If he only knew how it would devastate two ladies for its outcome, then this never happened. Apparently, hitting two birds in one stone has never been this big to be the talk of the town! Anyway, whether or not they or he alone did        that on purpose, we’ll never know. As they say, good or bad publicity, it’s still publicity. Nonetheless, there’s nothing we can do now as it’s already water under the bridge.
On the other hand, had Miss Colombia handled the situation with resilience, class and grace, Miss Philippines' moment could have happened.  Evidently, how Miss Philippines dealt with the situation showed that indeed, it would require a humble and forgiving heart for one to genuinely accept that you and your countrymen’s much-awaited crowning moment you’ve all waited for decades, which you’ve worked hard for in almost your entire life, has been robbed out of you. It would require a humble and forgiving heart for one to face the booing crowd instead of cheers amidst your victory. It would require a humble and forgiving heart for one to embrace the fact that you’re supposed-to-be once in a lifetime shining moment did not take place. A true mark of a real Beauty Queen. However, even she has been deprived of her well-deserved winning moment due to one seemingly unacceptable mishap, still, it did not stop her from fulfilling her words which is to deserve to be hailed as this year’s Miss Universe for being confidently beautiful with a heart.
Once again, a Filipina has proven the world that her race is certainly praise-worthy of the beauty with a substance in the international scene. This success is sure to give a ray of hope for Filipinos and will bring so much pride and inspiration to everyone as it took her 3 attempts to get the most-coveted crown placed on her head.

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