President Rodrigo Duterte stayed with the families of the victims of the fire in NCCC Mall, photo from Facebook
A netizen on Facebook praised how President Rodrigo Duterte personally stayed with the families of the victims of the fire in NCCC mall in Davao City for seven to nine hours while the rescuers were on duty.

"If a person matters to you he will give you his time. PRRD stayed for about 7 or 9 hours with families and kin of the missing SSI employees. Usual politicians come and go staying for a few minutes but this man stayed up with anxious kin up until the wee hours of the morning," he said.

He said that Duterte stood for more than an hour trying to get updates from ground commanders and then comforting the families as he delivered the sad news.

"That is our "berdugo" our "fascist dictator" in action,' he said.

The mall fire in Davao which occurred two days before Christmas has reached the death toll of 38.

One of the dead is NCCC mall employee Melvin Ga-a while the other 37 were employees of US-based call center Survey Systems International, whose office was at the topmost floor of the 4-story mall.

The fire broke out at a furniture store on the third level of the 14-year-old NCCC mall and quickly engulfed the call center on the upper floor, based on an initial report from the city government.

Duterte had promised the families of the victims that the BFP, the National Bureau of Investigation and police would get to the bottom of the disaster.

"The truth will come out," he said.

The following are the deceased:

1. Sismar, Jeffrey
2. Bongcayao, Mary Louielyn
3. Bangoy, Kurtchin Angela
4. Pabelonia, Joy
5. Garzon, Christen
6. Quimsing, Jim Benedict
7. Basalan, Jonas
8. Samontina, Jessica
9. Quimpo, Venus Joy
10. Limosnero, Jimboy
11. Ferraren, Christine Joy
12. Montanez, Rosyl
13. Artiaga, Missy Rose
14. Muyco, Rhenzi Nova
15. Roble, Ivan Nebelle
16. Yorsua, Elyn Joy
17. Bacaling, Shiela Mae
18. Antipuesto, Roderick
19. Abad, Nancy Loyd
20. Solis, Jessica

21. Liwaya, Charlyn
22. Ga-a, Melvin
23. Generales, Regine
24. Celestial, Gantioco
25. Celades, Apple Jane
26. Adlawan, Ian Kiem
27. Entera, Lister Jade
28. Piñajiro, Analiza
29. Alviola, Christine
30. Constantinopla, Roderick
31. Zacarias, Dresiree Gayle
32. Matundo, Johani
33. Apalacio, Iana
34. Daloro, Maryjoy
35. Balcao, Randy
36.Obo, Janine Joy
37.Demafeliz, Mikko
38.Moreno,  Alexandra

Source: Rudolph Ian Alama

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Netizen praises how PRRD stayed with families of victims of fire for 7-9 hours Netizen praises how PRRD stayed with families of victims of fire for 7-9 hours Reviewed by FN Correspondent on 7:01 PM Rating: 5

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