Foreign observer says the oligarchs together with “yellow crew” wants to pin down Duterte
Foreign national Nigel Locke has been following the Philippine politics. He has been observing a good for nothing crew that has been planning to destabilize Pres. Duterte and the government.

At first Mr. Locke admitted in his Facebook post that he nearly believed the propaganda against then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, now the President, and after Duterte won, he opted to support the president.

In his opinion, the Philippines finally has a leader ‘who cares, a very clever, proactive, humble’ and Straight out of the gate it became apparent that here at last was a President who cares, is very clever, proactive, humble and not opposed to people underestimating him.’

The group who tries to pin Duterte down has a countless plot to carry out, a new demolition strategy to put down the President, attacking him through press conferences, disturbed public through a series of protests is likely linked to the suspects with the alleged drug load accomplices staged the Marawi rebellion. He said that these events “have been sugar coated with so much yellow frosting you could sell it as a birthday cake.”

But Locke pointed out that their strategy failed, once again. And they have underestimated the President’s ability to rise up to those demolition jobs. Their plot even lifted the President’s reputation, instead of damaging it. Apparently, they want President Duterte to demoralize. But this group is persistent; continuously having more supporters who are blinded with money while some are brainwashed and ‘mislead’.

“These wannabe leaders still have a loud voice in the media. That is because the media is owned by the Oligarchs and those reptiles want power back. I urge Filipinos to support President Duterte and his chosen leaders of departments such as Judy Taguiwalo who has done fine work making mole hills out of mountains, if you know what I mean,”

He further enjoins the citizens to stand as a nation, to pray for the President, to pray for our country. He also hope for the Philippines to be stronger and “soon never have an empty belly go to sleep”

Locke describes President Duterte as ‘a good man with a huge heart.”

Source: Nigel Locke

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Foreign observer says the oligarchs together with “yellow crew” wants to pin down Duterte Foreign observer says the oligarchs together with “yellow crew” wants to pin down Duterte Reviewed by Unknown on Thursday, June 01, 2017 Rating: 5

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