DLSU alumnus slams Mariel: Who are you to judge Mocha? Prove your worth first.
A netizen on her Facebook account bashed Binibining Pilipinas Miss International Mariel de Leon after the latter criticized the appointment of former sexy star Mocha Uson as Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications and Operations Office.

Ester Michael, who studied Psychology at the De La Salle University criticized the beauty queen who was just recently crowned, for looking down on Uson "just because of her being a sexy star before".

She claimed that Uson is well qualified for the position, and deserves the chance to prove her worth.

De Leon previously claimed that she was disappointed at President Rodrigo Duterte for the appointment signed last Monday, saying it "broke her heart" to know that "someone like her" secured a position in the government.

She also accused Uson of spreading fake news which is detrimental to the country, and said that she believes that someone better deserves the position.

Michael responded by saying that people should be given the chance to change lives.

" I would like to remind you that every one must be given a chance to change the lives of individual. Who are you to judge her? What's your problem?    All of us are subject to fall but it doesn't mean if you stumble down, you won't stand!" she said.

She also stated that Uson is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology and was able to reach second year of Med school yet stop after her father who was a judge, was shot dead.

Michael insisted that Uson be given the benefit of the doubt and let her do her job first before being judged.

"The problem with you Miss Deleon, because you won the crown of Miss Binibining Pilipinas  International you have hydrocephalus now!" she said.

"Don't make any rude comment unless you won the title of Miss International and bring home the bacon for the Philippines! Prove your worth first before jumping into conclusion! Haysssst!" she added.

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DLSU alumnus slams Mariel: Who are you to judge Mocha? Prove your worth first! DLSU alumnus slams Mariel: Who are you to judge Mocha? Prove your worth first! Reviewed by Unknown on Thursday, May 11, 2017 Rating: 5

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