The impeachment complaint lacks proper form and substance, says Rep. Nograles
Here is the statement of Rep. Karlo Nograles on the impeachment of President Duterte:

Photo by DILG Undersecretary Emily O. Padilla
The impeachment complaint lacks the proper form and substance. 

It does not have any proper grounds to merit an impeachment because it is based solely on conjectures, supposition, hearsay and wild imagination. Masyado nilang pinipilit ang mga alegasyon na wala naman talagang saysay o ebidensya. 

Sila mismo ay umaming ito ay uphill battle. By conceding the fight immediately even before the first shot is fired, clearly they know they have nothing against the President. All they wanna do is create a lot of noise and hope that all these little noises will result in a change of administration, whether legally or unconstitutionally. 

They are treading on a very thin line here, between what is legal and what is illegal. Kumbaga shotgun approach. Sinusubukan nila ang lahat baka maka tsamba. 

Ang problema dito, pag hindi nila nakuha ang gusto nila through supposedly legal means and processes, what then will they resort to? Yan ba ang gusto natin para sa ating bansa?

Source: Karlo Nograles

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'Walang saysay o ebidensya', says Rep. Nograles on Duterte's impeachment complaint 'Walang saysay o ebidensya', says Rep. Nograles on Duterte's impeachment complaint Reviewed by Kristian S. on Thursday, March 16, 2017 Rating: 5

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