Michael Valderrama, a Filipino based in the United Kingdom, posted a letter addressed to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to resign from his position as he is "useless".

The letter tells Trillanes that the propagandas he creates is betrayal to the republic.

"You have stirred bewilderment and confusion among us and tried to divide us with your wimpy tricks. If this prolongs, people who are sane enough will be forced to drag you out and bring you to places you don't want to go," it read.

The letter said that some Filipinos "do not like a public servant who always makes obstructions to the good plans" of President Rodrigo Duterte.

It read that the Filipinos elected Duterte because of his capacity to do what is necessary.

It added that Filipinos deserve change and a brighter future thus they entrusted Duterte with six years to solve the country's problems.

It highlighted on how he was elected to remove problems such as illegal drugs, corruption, criminality, poverty, pollution, medical services and many more.

Ergo, it asked the senator to resign "for the benefit of all".

It encouraged Trillanes to step down without thinking of suicide.

"Enjoy the remaining days of your life," it read.

Read full open letter below:

Filipino people wants Trillanes to resign: 'We find you useless'

SOURCE: Michael Valderrama

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Filipino people want Trillanes to resign: 'We find you useless, we don't need you' Filipino people want Trillanes to resign: 'We find you useless, we don't need you' Reviewed by Unknown on Saturday, March 11, 2017 Rating: 5

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