An official of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) on Tuesday said that the Philippine National Police need not involve Catholic priests in their Oplan Tokhang Operations.

Composite photos from CBCP News and Manila Bulletin
CBCP Public Affairs Committee Executive Director Fr. Jerome Secillano said the clergy is no longer needed since the PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa assured the public that their will be no abuses made during police operations.

"There's no need for priests to join Oplan Tokhang," Secillano said. "Dela Rosa already claimed that there are enough safeguards to prevent abuses."

Dela Rosa on Monday encuraged priests and local officials to join the police in their Tokhang operations.

Dela Rosa assured the public that the new Oplan Tokhang it will be "less bloody, if not [a] bloodless campaign".

Secillano said the church supports the operations as long as there is no corruption, abuses and killings.

"Whatever strategy there is, for as long as there's no killing and it is devoid of any corrupt and unjust practice, the Church supports," Secillano said.

The church has been vocally criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte for the thousands of deaths linked with his war against drugs.


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