According to Manila Standard columnist Jojo Robles, the punishment given by Philippine National Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa to rouge policemen, in the form of pushup exercises, “just won’t cut it.”

Veteran columnist to Chief Bato: ‘Pushups are not enough’
Photo by Inquirer
In a Facebook post, Robles likened Bato’s decision to the punishment given by former president Fidel V. Ramos to coup d’etat schemers years ago.

The post follows reports that the PNP Chief cursed and penalized his men in Pampanga.

Robles elaborated that such punishment will only “do them [police officers” go given their girth and machismo.

Robles considered the rouge police officers as criminals only that they are different because they wear the PNP uniform. He also added that “symbolic” notions are not enough punishment for the blunders done.

He encouraged Dela Rosa to relieve the policemen of their service and have them jailed.

Ending his post, Robles told Bato, “You’re a tough guy. Act like a tough guy.”

Source: Jojo A. Robles

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Veteran columnist to Chief Bato: ‘Pushups are not enough’ Veteran columnist to Chief Bato: ‘Pushups are not enough’ Reviewed by Unknown on Friday, February 03, 2017 Rating: 5

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