Writer Krizette Laureta Chu said o to Vice President Leni Robredo on Saturday that the reason why there is an absence of fear or outrage from Filipinos despite President Rodrigo Duterte giving "warnings" of possible martial law is because they would rather have one than a Liberal Party-run government once again.

Writer to Leni: Pinoys would rather have Duterte martial law than LP leadership
Composite photos from Chu's Facebook and Inquirer
Robredo recently said that she feared martial law would occur and that it would be Duterte's worst christmas gift to the country.

Chu said that the party is unwelcome in the country, and hopes that Robredo understood that.

"Nobody wants Martial Law, but if Filipinos were pushed into a corner, and asked to choose between the grey void of a Duterte dictatorship and the swirling blackness of an LP-led government, madam, millions would jump into the grey void faster than you can say "Nakakaririmarim."" she said.

Chu said that the LP's represent "Cory-ish qualities" which meant that they project themselves to be kind and pure but are the exact opposite.

 "I'm sure you won't take it against the Filipino people who are waiting for the free tuition/hospitalization with bated breath if they chose someone who can deliver. Aminin natin, if your own life were in danger, you would choose a Duterte over a Leni, di ba?" Chu said.

The writer said that Leni must cut ties with her "greedy, manipulative party" if she wants the best for the country.

She said Robredo should call out her colleagues who are corrupt and linked withe drugs like Senator Leila de Lima.

"Sukang suka na kami sa LP" Chu said, claiming that should Robredo stick with her party, she should no longer expect supprt from majority of Filipinos for good.

"And yes, stop, please. All these everyday statements make you seem lamer and lamer and lamer by the minute.  Use your voice for real opposition. The more you talk, the more you dilute its power. Hindi ho namin kailangan malaman ang running commentaries ninyo." she said.

Since resigning from Duterte's cabinet, Robredo has been actively giving statemnets of her opposition to the administration.

SOURCE: Krizette Laureta Chu

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Writer to Leni: Pinoys would rather have Duterte martial law than LP leadership Writer to Leni: Pinoys would rather have Duterte martial law than LP leadership Reviewed by Unknown on Saturday, December 24, 2016 Rating: 5

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