Rodrigo Duterte supporter and social media activist Sass Rogando Sasot on Friday gave a message to people urging the president to resign: if he leaves, would Vice President Leni Robredo be able to fix the country's problems?

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"Iyong mga nagsasabi na mag-resign si Duterte kasi di niya na-resolve ang mga bagay-bagay in six months, iyong papalit po ba sa kanya eh kayang ma-resolve in six years ang problema ng bayan?" she wrote on her Facebook page.

She mentioned that the only big project Robredo worked on is the building of a Naga City bridge which failed in two months.

"Online trolls" lang nagpapanic na ang opisina niya. Kakayanin ba niyang i-resolve ang problema ng narcopolitics sa bansa? May CPP/NPA pa, may Abu Sayaf, at ISIS affiliated Maute group pa. "

She said even Leni's late husband, Naga City mayor Jesse Robredo was not able to defeat the narcopolitics.

She said it would be the same as the time Corazon Aquino was elected president should Robredo do so.

"Naku Cory 2.0 yan. Sabi niyo nga sa rally ninyo, sequels are often worse than the original. Ergo, gusto niyo pa ba iyang Cory 2.0? " she added.

SOURCE: Sass Sasot

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