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A netizen posted an open letter on Friday addressed to President Rodrigo Duterte, which petitioned for him to control what he says.

MJ Quiambao Reyes on her Facebook account, made use of the headlines of national and international media outlets regarding Duterte's statements against Hitler last Friday and asked a favor from him.

Duterte cited Hitler in one of his speeches on Friday and said that he would, just like the man, be happy to execute millions in his drug war.

Reyes said that while the media outlets are often exaggerated, Duterte cannot control them, but he can, however, control what he says.

She said Duterte can hire political strategists, PR and media consultants to help him with his statements.

"Please focus on the factors which are within your control this time." the post read.

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She said that while she knows that the president means well, his sarcasm and rhetoric  can be easily misunderstood.

"For the sake of the 97 million Filipinos who believe in you, Mr. President, please do not provide your detractors and destabilizers with more than what they already have." MJM

Read full open letter:

Source: MJ Quiambao

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