“If I abuse, then you can oust me,” said President Duterte to his critics.

“If I get assassinated or get ousted, it’s my destiny,” he added. “Or if I commit suicide.” He might be the first president to do such, he said.

Duterte: If I get assassinated or get ousted, it’s my destiny
Photo by Aaron Favila
The death toll of the drug war has swelled over 3,000 and this drew the attention of international bodies and organizations who expressed their concern especially on human rights.

The president disclosed that he has no intention of clinging to power and that he is willing to risk his life, honor, and the presidency for the love of country. “Malacanang Palace is all glamor. I am not after it.”

At the summit on women and community police service, he mentioned Judge Hector Salise, who was recently ambushed, as part of his narco-list. According to Duterte, Salise fixes and bungles drug cases. He is currently recovering from the bullet wounds he sustained.

Meanwhile, Duterte said that the Philippines is lucky that he won because it’s only him who can handle the police, as he served as prosecutor for 14 years and as a mayor for 23 years.

He also lectured the policewomen regarding the difference of an arrest with warrant and a warrantless arrest.

“But all I ask of you is just do you job and rest assured I will be there for you,” Duterte said. He also said to make sure that the policemen and military personnel would receive double their existing salaries.

The president also raffled off three Glock 30 pistols and granted P2,000 per diem for each for them because they attended the summit. ASCS

Source: Philstar

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