According to Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial on Thursday, a two-week drug rehabilitation program might be included in the coverage of PhilHealth. However, the DOH has yet to discuss the exact coverage costs with PhilHealth.

“Unfortunately, hindi kakayanin yung prolonged residential servies which can take six to twelve months,” she said. The one that will be included will only be the acute phase, which lasts up to two weeks, she explained.

Drug rehab to be included in PhilHealth coverage – DOH
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In such phase, patients would receive active but short-term treatment for their condition brought about by drug use.

Ubial also said that  the DOH is looking into both the medicinal and non-medicinal detoxification programs. Medical treatment might be more costly as compared to just providing counselling, psycho-social support, and debriefing.

It was Senator Tito Sotto who filed the Senate Bill No. 8, which gives a mandate to PhilHealth to include drug addiction treatment in its services. Aside from this, the government has also expressed its intentions to build rehabilitation centers across the country. | ASCS - FNPH

Source: CNN Phil

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