Paolo Ballesteros Suspended?
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Paolo Ballesteros is presently suspended from the early afternoon show by its maker, TAPE Inc, according to several sources. The disciplinary activity was made after the on-screen character utilized the online networking website Facebook to tirade over his terrible experience on a guesting. 

In light of the news, it happened last Thursday, March 10 at 2:57PM. Paolo had a guesting after Eat Bulaga. His posts were at that point erased yet a screenshot from Liza Marcelo Lazatin (the individual who is allegedly the recipient of the message) contained his professedly fuming.

In accordance with this, Ms. Malou Choa-Fagar, Vice-president of TAPE, issued an announcement to PEP that the issue is an inward matter and like all other inner matters, it is their organization's arrangement not to talk about it out in the open.

According to reports, here is the exact Facebook Posts of Paolo Ballesteros:
Balesteros' Facebook Post

Source: PEP, TNP, Confidential Files

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