Baby Dolphin Dies After Being Passed Around for Selfies
Photo by CTV News
In an petrifying scene reported online, a baby dolphin was pulled from the sea by visitors to snap a photo with the cute creature. 

After the animal was dragged from his or her sea home, beachgoers in Buenos Aires passed the dolphin around the group, offering the creature no insurance from the hot sun. The dolphin purportedly died due to dehydration after the occurrence. 

Dolphins are exceedingly keen, delicate, and mindful being. They live in affectionate family units with committed moms who might nurture their young for up to 10 years. One can just envision the injury experienced not just by this child, who was gone around like a toy by pillaging voyagers, additionally by his or her lamenting mother. 

After the dolphin died, the creature's body was unceremoniously disposed of on the shoreline. With the photographs effectively taken and likely transferred to the visitors' online networking accounts, the child dolphin evidently filled no more need for the beachgoers.

Source: PETA

Watch the video here:

This baby dolphin was killed by selfies.
Beachgoers passed this baby dolphin around to take selfies with it — and then it died. #MicCheckNow
Posted by Mic on Thursday, February 18, 2016

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