Screengrab from ABS-CBN website. Watch the video here  and be touched as idol and fan-turned-artist unite
During the Press Con. with Angeline Quinto and Regine Velasquez for their upcoming concert this February 13 at MOA Arena and  14 at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Cebu City with Martin Nieverra and Erik Santos, the two ladies shared their first encounter back to the day when Quinto is not yet a star.

Velasquez narrated that there was a time before where they have bumped into each other and Quinto's Mom told the latter that Angeline has tons of pictures of her idol which Angeline's Mom used to poke fun of by calling it an Altar. That's when Regine laughed her heart out as she crack a joke that her pictures were being candle-lit by the avid fan, a gesture being done only when facing the Altar.

The Asia's songbird then later expressed how grateful she is for having Angeline as her consistent supporter since day one.

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